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Thursday, 26 August 2011

Indonesia Specialty Coffee Celebrates The 66th of Indonesia Independence Day at Merdeka Palace


Commemorating the 66th of the Republic of Indonesia Independence Day, Indonesia Government  celebrated the meaning of independence by conducting the ceremonial at Merdeka Palace Jakarta and attended by the society, ministries, state leaders, ambasadors, Vice President and President on August 17, 2011.

During the celebration at Merdeka Palace, glorious feast and special reception  of culinary and beverages dished up by inviting the local companies with good reputation to participate and provide their own products. Indonesia Specialty Coffee, was honered to be one of the participant in this occasion. Indonesia Specialty Coffee is well known as the producer of Arabica civet coffee from WILD Civet Cat labelled as Kopi Luwak, was the only one company that served  luwak coffee for President’s official invitees in fabolous garden party.

In addition, it was Indonesia Specialty Coffee pleasure  when received a visit from the Minister of Trade, Marie Elka Pangestu, who has praised the quality of Kopi Luwak coffee, and bought this premium wild luwak coffee on the national airline and at one of duty free outlets around the area of ​​international aviation.

Hopefully through this event, Indonesia Specialty Coffee would be able to promote Luwak coffee that not only famous with the best flavor and the most expensive coffee in the world, but also the priority of Indonesia commodities.