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Thursday, 15 March 2011

Exploring Cafe Industry From ASEAN



Mr.Irfan and Mr. Ricky attended to "Exploring Cafe Industry From ASEAN" exhibition at COEX 3 F Confrence Room 317-318 Seoul- Korea on 16 (Wed)-17 (Thu) February 2011.  This event held by ASEAN-KOREA CENTRE.  During the exhibition we gave some coffee sample for prospective buyers who intend to buy our coffee.  Due to the price of coffee is increasing significantly, PT COFFINDO always keep the comitment to always fulfil the customer demand.  PT COFFINDO, as a national company, who representative indonesia coffee, our booth displayed all kind of Indonesia Coffee Green Bean, Roasted Beans, and Instant Coffee.  Through this exhibition, PT COFFINDO has a dream to expand Indonesia Coffee to all over the world.