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Thursday, 19 October 2010

Original Luwak Goes to Swiss Bell Hotel Medan in Coffee Training Product


PT. Coffindo – Original Luwak Division organized Training Product with all management staff of Grand Swissbel-hotel Medan in meeting room on 25th floor. The aim of product training is to introduce PT Coffindo and the premium product, Original Luwak to the Swiss-Bell Hotel Management Staff, so they would know about the prospect business of coffee especially Kopi Luwak.   This occasion officially opened with Mr. Suyanto as Staff Marketing International.  He represented about PT Coffindo, products, and especially Original Luwak.  It was continued by  Mr Herry Setiawan, Q-Grader of PT Coffindo explained to audience about the excellence of Original Luwak, cupping the product was one of our way to gave knowledge about coffee.   PT.Coffindo and Hotel Management building relationship and cooperation in selling Original Luwak in Gift retail and consumer goods.   Original Luwak could be found in The Rubby, Ground Floor and The Edge at 27th floor in gift retail and consumer goods. Bpk. Guntoro – Manager F&B Grand Swiss-bel Hotel Medan I optimistic could give the best service the customer with the world first rare and expensive coffee in the world with the unique taste, the exotism of Original Luwak would satisfy the coffee lovers demand, which is to deserve the best Kopi Luwak with the best quality.