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Thursday, 15 October 2010



PT Coffindo participated at Trieste Espresso Expo 2010, On 28-30 October 2010,  which was located in Trieste Exhibition Centre Fierra-P - Le De Gasperi 1, Trieste, Italy. The exhibition was organized by the Ministry of Agriculture in cooperation with the Italian government. The participants came from several countries will participate in this exhibition including Indonesia. The journey to Italia started from Milan, and followed by City Tour events.  Trieste is a crossroad of trade and culture, a city with an incomparable spirit, free and brave, at once popular and aristocratic, casting its spell on every visitor.  The forecast weather itself mention that Trieste is in the rain season in the month of October, and it’s offer the special atmosphere, which accompany the participants from various countries while PT. Coffindo itself was promoted its warmth and uniqueness coffee.

PT Coffindo not only promoted and sole Indonesia Coffee to the market but also PT Coffindo was looking forward the Original Luwak worldwide distributor, Conventional market, and Indonesia Specialty Coffee.

PT Coffindo was present 3 coffee products as following:

  • Conventional Market :

Arabica green coffee bean high grade and grade 1, with minimum purchase order is 1 MT.

  •   Indonesia Specialty Coffee: 

Green coffee bean, roasted bean, and ground, with 9 specialty coffee products, Kopi Luwak (Civet Coffee), Kopi Luwak Blend (Blend Civet Coffee), Lasuna Special, Mandheling Longberry, Sumatra Super Peaberry, ELB Green Dino, Jumbo Eighteen Plus, Arabica Mandheling Grade 1, and Mandheling Grade 3 Special.  This is for retail market with  minimum purchase 5 kg and 30 kg.

  • Original Luwak:

High quality Luwak coffee with brand ORIGINAL LUWAK packed in an exclusive gift set namely Exclusive Art Gift Sachet, Exclusive Art Gift Set Gusset, Stand Up Pouch, and Wooden Gift Set made for gift market segment.

 Through this exhibition, hopefully PT Coffindo will get new knowledge about Italy coffee market,  more coffee lovers know PT Coffindo and Indonesia Coffee better than before.