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Thursday, 13 October 2010

Esperto Barista Course

On 16 October - 19 October 2010, PT Coffindo sent the Cupper, Mr. Herry Setiawan and Mr. Rahmad Hidayat, SPV Production to  Esperto Barista Course.  This is one of the famous course in Indonesia which is owned by the famous coffee barista, Mr.  Franky Angkawijaya and  held in SPC Senayan 1th floor, South Jakarta.   This course informed:   
* A brief history of coffee and how coffee processed from seed to roasting.
    * Adjustment and maintenance of grinder and espresso machine.
    * Grinding, tamping and extracting Espresso.
    * Steaming and foaming milk.
    * Making lattes and cappuccinos.
    * Basic recipes of hot and cold drinks.

Trough this course Mr.Herry and Mr.Rahmad can improve their knowledge to present coffee with good quality offered by PT Coffindo, because we realize that making coffee is not only science, but it's an art.