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Toper 1 kg Cafemino Gas Coffee Roaster

A roasting machine, batch capacity 1 Kg with LPG or Natural Gas heating.


Model: Cafemino Gas
Batch Capacity: 1 Kg of green coffee
Roasting Time: 12 Minutes to 15 Minutes.
Hours Capacity: Between 4 -5 Kg
Type of Roasting: Thermal
Transfer roasting. LPG or Natural Gas heating.
Burner Capacity: 10.000 BTU (max)
Gas Line Requirements: ¼ “
Dimensions (HxLxW) : 81 x 100 x 52 Cm
Weight: 82 Kg
Voltage: 110-220-380 Volts,
50-60Hz, 1-3 Phase are available regarding to customer preference
Number of Motors: There are 3 motors on the machine for efficient roasting process.