Dear All Coffee Lovers, (for office workers)

How are you today? How do you start your early morning?
Wake up with a hot cup of coffee, it would be nice. Especially when the rain comes down, coffee would be a very good friend of your morning.

Do you know that a cup of coffee will make your mood much better than you do not have it. Coffee is actually one of the healthiest beverages billions of people consume regularly. Coffee containing with bitter orange, hydroxycitric acid, and chromium can encourage an increase up to 30% in metabolic rate. Coffee with exercise when taking 300mg averages a 20% increase in energy and fatigue while burning fat increased 107% greater than without caffeine. Caffeine in coffee keeps our brains alert and receptive of new information. Regular consumption of coffee decreases the risk of type II diabetes and many other health risks. So, coffee will make you reenergized.
But you have to get a good quality coffee bean, because perfect coffee bean only for a perfect cup of coffee. How do you get a good quality coffee bean?

Okay, here we are!
A good quality coffee bean is shown by;
1.  Good quality beans are never splintered or broken.
2.  They should be whole and well-shaped.
3.  They smell good, period.

That’s the criteria for coffee bean, and how’s about the taste? How do you know that the taste of coffee is a high quality coffee? And here we are!


Coffee with good acidity tastes bright, with a pleasant sharpness similar to a dry white wine. Acidity is a desirable characteristic and can be fruity (try a Kenyan coffee) or metallic (Mexican). Without acidity, coffee tastes bland or 'flat'.


Body is the word used to describe the way the coffee feels in your mouth. A full-bodied coffee, such as Kenyan or Ethiopian will feel thick, rich or heavy. A medium-bodied coffee, such as South and Central American, will feel lighter. If you like milk in your coffee, a heavier-bodied coffee will maintain more flavor when the milk is added. Adding milk also helps you to compare the body of two coffees - the one with more body will retain more flavor. With a mouthful of coffee, you can assess the body by running your tongue across the roof of your mouth. You will be able to feel oiliness and thickness, which together define body. Body can be thin, thick, dry, syrupy, etc.


When coffee beans are roasted, they release the fragrant oils that make the coffee aroma. High quality coffee beans will contain up to 3 times more fragrant oils than inferior beans. South American beans have good aroma and are noticeably shiny after roasting due to the amount of coffee oils that are released.


Flavor is the combined effect on the tastebuds of the acidity, body and aroma of the coffee bean. Terms used to describe flavor usually draw comparisons with other familiar tastes, such as 'nutty', 'spicy', or 'watery'. Here are some common terms used to describe the flavor of coffee beans

Positive Flavors: Nutty, Spicy, Fruity, Mellow, Caramelly, Chocolaty, Winey, Floral, Smokey, Tangy
Negative Flavors: Grassy, Chemically, Muddy, Watery, Rubbery, Riot (a medicinal taste)

So, after you know ‘How to find a high quality coffee bean,’ you must be wondering where you can get the high quality coffee bean. 
You do not have to go around, why?
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