Coffee Source


Gayo Mountain Coffee

Gayo Mountain coffee is grown on the hillsides surrounding the town of Takengon and Lake Tawar, at the northern tip of Sumatra, in the region of Aceh. The altitude in the production area averages between 1,110 and 1,300 meters. That’s perfect for coffee plantations. Coffee from this region contains uniqueness because processed at farm-level, using traditional wet methods. Due to the processing, Gayo Mountain coffee is described as higher toned and lighter bodied than the others Sumatra Coffee.

Mandheling Coffee

Mandheling is a trade name, used for Arabica coffee from northern Sumatra. It was derived from the name of the Mandailing people, who produce coffee in the Tapanuli region of Sumatra.

Toraja Coffee

Toraja: The primary region for high altitude Arabica production is a mountainous area called Tana Toraja, at the central highlands of South Sulawesi. The people of Tana Toraja build distinctively shaped houses and maintain ancient and complex rituals related to death and the afterlife. This respect for tradition is also found in way when process their coffee.

Arabica West Java Coffee

Arabica West Java coffee is primarily grown on large estates that were built by the Dutch in the 18th century. The five largest estates are Blawan (also spelled Belawan or Blauan), Jampit (or Djampit), Pancoer (or Pancur), Kayumas and Tugosari, and they cover more than 4,000 hectares.

Arabica Bali Coffee

Arabica Bali is primarily grown on the highland plateau of Kintamani, between the volcanoes of Batukaru and Agung, is the main coffee growing area. Many coffee farmers on Bali are members of a traditional farming system called Subak Abian, which is based on the Hindu philosophy of "Tri Hita Karana”. According to this philosophy, the three causes of happiness are good relations with God, other people and the environment. The Subak Abian system is ideally suited to the production of  organic coffee production.

Arabica West Java Coffee

Arabica West Java: West Java is the earliest plantation area acquired by VOC in East Indies back in 18th century. Coffee was planted in Priangan area, such as in Sumedang. The arabica coffee produced by this estate is grown at an altitude of 1,200 to 1,600 metres above sea level and is processed according to the fully washed method.

Robusta Lampung Coffee

Robusta Lampung: Robusta Lampung is generally grown at an altitude of 400-700 meters above sea level with temperature of 21-24oC. Incidentally, Lampung region has such a natural condition suitable for the type of Robusta. Robusta coffee plantations have also been developed in many areas of Lampung province, especially in the region of West Lampung.

Papua Coffee

Papua: There are two main coffee growing areas in Papua. The first is the Baliem Valley, in the central highlands of the Jayawijaya region, surrounding the town of Wamena. The second is the Kamu Valley in the Nabire Region, at the eastern edge of the central highlands, surrounding the town of Moanemani. Both areas lie at altitudes between 1,400 and 2000 meters, creating ideal conditions for Arabica production.