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We are an Indonesian coffee trading company from Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia. We have been trading one of the finest Indonesian Arabica and Robusta green coffee beans for the past 10 years, to clients from the USA, Europe, Japan, Taiwan, China, Egypt and many others.

In order to provide quality service and products to our customers, we constantly strive to improve ourselves. We have a Licensed Q-Grader and star Cupper within our ranks, both certified by the Coffee Quality Institute. One of our group companies has also been certified with the Organic Certificate of Production Methods (USDA-NOP). In addition, all of our products are US FDA certified.

These certifications and constant improvement shows our commitment in making PT Indonesia Specialty Coffee a major coffee trading brand, meeting international quality standards and requirements.

PT ISC and PT Coffindo

PT ISC (Indonesia Specialty Coffee) is Subsidiaries Company of PT Coffindo, an Indonesia Coffee Trading Company from Medan. PT Coffindo is reliable to be one of the national trading company with an outstanding credibility since 1999. PT Coffindo do the processing plants, exporting and trading almost all the origin coffee green bean from Indonesia.

This company already expands the business and export destination more than 20 countries in the world like USA, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Australia, and many others. To keep the quality we have the Q-Grader as well as star Cupper to improve the ability for maintain and achieve the standard. PT Coffindo subsidiary company list, there are:

1. PT Coffindo focuses on international and national trading coffee green beans from Indonesia and also opens for selling retail. Start from highest until the lowest quality. Find out more about PT Coffindo at (

2. PT Indonesia Specialty Coffee focuses on HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant, Café) consume, but we also open for selling retail.

3. PT Original Luwak focuses on selling personalize premium gift set of premium grade kopi luwak. We offer kopi luwak from the finest Arabica Sumatra and processed by Luwak wild civet. Find out more about Original Luwak at (

4. PT Indo Instant focuses on coffee instant production. Find out more about PT Indoinstant (